Compact Sunpatiens are our best selling series and feature award-winning garden performance from coast to coast.

Wherever you plant Compact SunPatiens, you can count on worry-free performance, including:

  • Full-sun to part-shade versatility
  • Continuous color – spring through hard frost
  • Thrives under high heat and humid conditions
  • Easy to grow, low-maintenance care
  • Unaffected by downy mildew!

Compact Pink
PP26,691 SAKIMP019

Compact Red
PP25,015 SAKIMP030

Compact Royal Magenta
PP26,692 SAKIMP029

Compact Tropical Rose
PP28,027 SAKIMP037

Compact White Improved
PP24,320 SAKIMP027

Compact Blush Pink
PP19,597 SAKIMP013

Compact Coral Pink
UP10,149,453 SAKIMP042

Compact Deep Rose
PP21,753 SAKIMP017

Compact Electric Orange
PP24,675 SAKIMP025

Compact Fire Red
PP28,590 SAKIMP039

Compact Hot Coral
PP24,321 SAKIMP026

Compact Lilac
PP19,392 SAKIMP012

Compact Orange
PP19,498 SAKIMP011

Compact Orchid Blush
US10,477,799 SAKIMP054

Compact Pink Candy
US10,238,067 SAKIMP046

Compact Purple
UP10,149,452 SAKIMP044