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SunPatiens Tropica Punch Mix

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SunPatiens Vigorous Peach Candy

Ideal In POTS,

Flourishes in Sun and Shade

SunPatiens® are the original and trusted brand in sun-loving impatiens. They don’t just tolerate full sun and high temperatures; they thrive in it. They’re the ideal plant for worry-free color; sun or shade, rain or shine, spring through fall.

SunPatiens® are Ideal in…

  • Containers and pots
  • Hanging baskets
  • Landscapes and borders

Through FALL

Versatile Shade & Sun Loving

Worry-free color – Sun or shade, rain or shine!

Low Maintenance Easy to Grow

No pruning or deadheading required.

Long Lasting Spring through Fall

Three seasons of flower power – Spring through frost!

The Beauty of SunPatiens

Unrivaled three-season performance

Easy care, nonstop color

Perfect for landscape, containers, and hanging baskets

Available in an array of color options

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