Variety patents and published variety patent applications for SunPatiens.

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Color Denomination Patent No.
Blush Pink SAKIMP013 PP19,597
Classic White SAKIMP068 UPAF
Coral Pink SAKIMP042 10149453
Corona SAKIMP008 PP21,014
Deep Red SAKIMP060 11,076,549
Deep Rose SAKIMP017 PP21,753
Electric Orange SAKIMP025 PP24,675
Hot Coral SAKIMP026 PP24,321
Hot Pink SAKIMP061 11,129,345
Lavender Splash SAKIMP069 UPAF
Lilac Improved SAKIMP063 US11,412,676
Orange SAKIMP011 PP19,498
Orchid SAKIMP053 10,470,397
Orchid Blush SAKIMP054 10,477,799
Peach Candy SAKIMP067 UPAF
Pink Candy SAKIMP046 10238067
Pink Kiss SAKIMP043 10219478
Pretty Pink SAKIMP066 UPAF
Purple SAKIMP044 10149452
Purple Candy SAKIMP071 UPAF
Red SAKIMP048 10,463,003
Rose Glow SAKIMP059 10,638,693
Rose Pink SAKIMP052 10,470,398
Sweetheart White SAKIMP064 US11,589,527
Tropical Orange Imp SAKIMP055 10,624,289
Tropical Rose SAKIMP037 PP28,027
Tropical Salmon SAKIMP005 PP19,500
Tropical White SAKIMP018 PP21,768
White Improved SAKIMP065 US11,510,378

Pink SunPatiens